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Barbara Doux Photography

Barbara is an award winning photographer and art director. After more than a decade working in London as an art director and photographer specializing in the charity sector, she dropped everything to travel the world. 


Taking pictures of strangers is at the core of her mission : she sees in the eyes of her subjects an openness to the connection being made, a familial bond that is stronger than difference or division. “We are all a human family”. She often looks at people from whom society turns away – the ‘other’ people. The damaged, the marginalized, and the strange. In turn she brings her own story, strength and vulnerability to her work.


Back in Europe Barbara bought a customized van to hit the road seeking out people and places with stories to tell. Then, she decided to draw a geographic heart on her native land to make ‘‘The Heart of France in 80 days’’, a documentary film currently in post-production. She lets life surprise her, daring to love as a child, those she crosses path with. The happy winner of the green card lottery, Barbara moved to Los Angeles in March 2016, letting the sun and her dreams to be her guides.


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